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Government entities
Statistical consulting for government entities

We provide statistical sampling, expert assistance in litigation matters, critical analysis and review of programs, and statistical audits for government entities. We work with local, state, and federal government entities, and our clients have included the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Postal Service, state attorneys general, public service commissions and the New York City Law Department.

Past cases for government entities

Performance metrics in telecom

Created statistical sampling and data analysis plans to test and verify performance and incentive plans of telecommunications providers in a series of matters before state public service commissions in New York, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, and Colorado. Dr. Salzberg was a co-inventor (Patent #6,636,585) for the process of testing such plans. Executing the plans required processing and testing millions of yearly transactions. Dr. Alan Salzberg testified before a number of state public service commissions with the results of the statistical analyses and testing.

Environmental education survey study (pro bono)

On behalf of the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies, advised on the design and sampling methodology for a broad-based survey of environmental education in middle and high schools. More than 7,000 students were surveyed in a sample that was stratified by size of town, income level, and other socio-economic variables. Performed weighted statistical analysis to project survey results to the population. Conclusions were presented before an Israeli Congressional Committee in a special session on the environment, and the research resulted in publications in both English and Hebrew (Dr. Salzberg is a co-author).

Discrimination charges at local police department

Reviewed data and test results to determine the validity of claims of discrimination in promotion for local police department. Performed statistical analysis to determine if differences in promotion rates were statistically significant.

Commercial real estate valuation using massive dataset

In a series of matters on behalf of the New York City Law Department, created and analyzed a massive real estate database, modeled market and sales values, and wrote expert reports to determine potential biases of alternative methods of valuing commercial real estate. Determined the validity of assumptions about lease lengths, turnover rates, and other issues affecting rents and property values.

Sampling for financial management for the U.S. Geological Survey

Design and revision of statistical sampling plans, implementing the samples on a monthly or quarterly basis, and extrapolating the results for use in determining proper accounting accruals quarterly and annually. The sampling plans and analyses were successfully defended before USGS outside auditor.

Sampling medical insurance claims files for audit challenges

In a number of matters, a federal agency sought reimbursement for Medicare or Medicaid claims, based on a statistical sample. Retained in some cases by the private client and in others by the government, we pulled statistical samples and/or evaluated the extrapolation results, in order to determine whether the original analysis was appropriate and correct.

Sampling and analytics for the Department of Labor

In ongoing work with our teaming partner, designed studies on behalf of the Department of Labor. In addition to statistical sampling, design, and analysis, we also created survival and regression models that can be used for forecasting and for improved allocation of time for investigative resources.

Statistical sampling and extrapolation

Statistical sampling, analysis and design on behalf of the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). Designed statistical sampling methodology on behalf of the SBA, and performed extrapolation on the results of the sample.

Medicare and Medicaid payment errors

Designed and pulled a statistical sample in order to determine the excess fees, if any, charged for Medicare services. Also critiqued a regression analysis performed by the defendants in the matter. Dr. Salzberg wrote an expert report and testified (on behalf of the United States, who were the plaintiffs in the matter) in a deposition regarding the matter, which later settled.

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